As well as our own handmade pieces, we stock a range of different brands from all over the world to cater to all styles and preferences.
If you’ve had your heart set on a dream piece but can’t quite find what you’re looking for in store, just ask!
We are more than happy to order pieces in for you.

  karen walker

New Zealand’s golden girl of fashion, Karen brings her quirky yet classic edge to the world of jewellery.
In store in both sterling silver and 9ct gold, come in and view her iconic range today.

From a dream created in Mexico some 30 years ago, Najo is a brand that combines classic styles with a modern edge.
Focussing on beautifully crafted sterling silver and high quality manufacture, it’s a brand we’re proud to be associated with.


Pastiche is an Australian brand and a long time favourite of ours.
Utilising sterling silver and stainless steel, with striking modern collections, you’re sure to find something you love.
Perfect for you or a special gift.

holly yashi logo-42 HOLLY YASHI JEWELLERY
Designed and hand manufactured by Holly Hosterman and her team in Southern California, The Holly Yashi  Range has something for everyone. Her signature metal, Niobium, is hand-dipped in an electrically charged water bath. This process gives Niobium, a metal rarer and more precious than sterling, its vibrant colors and lasting appeal. 
We love the gorgeous colours and styles in this range, and are proud to be one of only a handful of NZ Stockists.



  img obaku logo-552-588-194

Obaku is an exclusive collection of watches with a focus on simple, serene design. This collection is backed by a philosophy of blending the two different traditions of simplicity found in the European and Asian cultures.

The Obaku Denmark watches are designed by Danish designers, Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengard Ruge. They have combined the best from the Scandinavian minimalist design traditions with the Obaku-Zen philosophy, and created a completely unique, clean design expression. The watches are characterised by pure, harmonic designs, calm and balanced colour schemes, high functionality and good craftsmanship.

The idea that there should be a sense of calm and balance in the items we use to adorn ourselves is what gave birth to the Obaku Denmark collection. 

In Asia, Zen philosophies have given rise to a natural simplicity in both thought and act. Obaku Denmark takes its name from a branch of the Zen philosophy and has created a universe characterised by a sense of calm free from all superfluous details. The Northern European countries have a long design tradition featuring functionality and simplicity of composition. Obaku Denmark has inherited the best from each of these cultures, and has blended the simplicity found in both.

Obaku watches are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and are backed by a two year international guarantee.

boccia logo

All titanium components of the BOCCIA TITANIUM collections are made of pure titanium, the special material. It is lightweight, high strength and absolutely skin-friendly. Pure titanium is also corrosion and heat resistant. All ceramic elements are made of full ceramic: the innovative high-tech , ultra-tough material with high fashion looks.

International design, absolute comfort, top quality and excellent value for money – these explain why the North German company has again come up trumps in the 2013 “Market Intern” trade survey and was voted “Watch Brand of the Year” in the price bracket up to 500 euros.

BOCCIA TITANIUM watches are available in Mens and Womens styles, titanium, ceramic and leather band options All BOCCIA TITANIUM watches carry a 2 year international warranty.

Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is the fashion watch brand established by ex-fashion buyers Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings who launched the label in 2012. Having met on their first day of London College of Fashion, the best friends founded Olivia Burton after spotting a gap in the market for affordable, stylish and fashion-led watches. 

Bursting full of personality, femininity and timeless charm, Olivia Burton lovingly creates each timepiece with a meticulous attention to detail. Blending vintage inspirations and fashion forward trends, each stylish watch showcases the brand's signature style. 


Cleaning Products:

We use and recommend Connoisseurs silver cloths, jewellery dips and wipes.
Come and talk to us today so we can recommend the best product to suit your needs.

peek logo-405   royal appt-992-205
For silverware, chrome, brass, glass, stainless steel, fibre glass and a thousand other uses, look no further than Peek.
With Royal approval, Peek cleans, polishes and protects in one step.
Available in both a paste and a mousse.

ANY of our brands make fantastic gifts, and we are always happy to beautifully gift wrap your selection for FREE.

For that extra peace of mind, we also offer a no questions asked gift exchange, just in case.

If you really can’t decide, why not opt for a Jewel Gift Voucher?
We can load any amount, and your lucky recipient has a year to spend it on whatever they choose!
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